The Society currently has chapters in the dioceses listed below. In some cases these are joint chapters across two dioceses with the partner diocese listed in brackets.  The name given is that of the chapter rector.

The Church of England 

Province of Canterbury

Bath & Wells                                  The Revd Prebendary Graham Witts
Canterbury                                     The Revd Dr David Vannerley
Chelmsford                                     The Revd Peter Clark
Chichester                                       The Revd Jim Horton
Coventry                                           The Revd Canon Richard Williams
Derby                                                 The Revd Julian Hollywell
Ely                                                       The Revd Joan Horan
Europe                                              The Revd
Exeter                                                The Revd Simon Rundell
Gloucester                                       The Revd Peter Quinnell
Guildford                                         The Revd Kathryn Twining
Leicester                                           The Revd Trevor Thurston-Smith
Lincoln                                              The Revd Richard Crossland
Lichfield                                           The Revd John Cotterill
London                                             The Revd Simon Buckley
Norwich                                            The Revd Clive Wylie
Oxford                                               The Revd Peter Day
Peterborough                                The Revd Canon John Westwood
Portsmouth [Winchester]           The Revd Canon Norman Boakes
Rochester                                        The Revd Paul Prentice
St Albans                                        The Revd Kevin Goss
St Edmundsbury & Ipswich    The Revd Canon Barbara Bilston
Salisbury                                          The Rt Revd Bill Ind
Southwark                                       The Revd Canon Roxanne Hunte
[Joint Rectors]                                   The Revd Geoffrey Thompson
Winchester  [Portsmouth]           The Revd Canon Norman Boakes
Worcester                                        The Revd Canon Susan Renshaw

Province of York

Blackburn[Liverpool]                  The Revd Chris Holden
Carlisle                                             The Revd Canon Jan Kearton
Chester                                             The Revd Michael Burgess
Durham[Newcastle]                      The Revd Canon Stephen Herbert
Liverpool[Blackburn]                   The Revd Chris Holden
Manchester                                     The Revd Canon Ian Gomersall
Newcastle[Durham]                      The Revd Canon Stephen Herbert
Leeds                                                  The Revd Ralph Hudspeth
Southwell & Nottingham          The Revd Sally Bayliss
York                                                    The Revd Maggie Jeavons

The Church of Ireland  [Provinces of Armagh and Dublin]

Province of Armagh [contact]    The Revd Dr Norman Gamble
Province of Dublin                        The Revd Dr Norman Gamble


The Church in Wales

Bangor                                            The Revd Robert Townsend
Llandaff  [Monmouth]                The Revd Mark Owen
Monmouth  [Llandaff]               The Revd Mark Owen
St Asaph                                         The Revd Sarah Hildreth-Osborn
St Davids [contact]                      The Revds Andrew & Rhiannon Johnson

From the UK or Europe?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Europe Province of SCP, please contact our membership secretary, Fr John Joyce.

From Australia or the USA?

There are already chapters of the Society in Australia and in the United States and Canada. If you would like to work to create new international chapters, please contact our Membership Secretary, Fr John Joyce in the first instance.

Dioceses and provinces currently without chapters

Our Society is a federation of chapters. If you do not yet have a chapter in your area, you might think about asking a few like-minded local clergy if they would be interested in forming one. Our Manual gives details about our aims, and explains the process for establishing a new chapter, which may cover more than one diocese. Alternatively you might take part in a chapter in a neighbouring diocese, if one exists within a reasonable travelling distance.
The Society is open to clergy in any diocese in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Currently, chapters exist in the United Kingdom and Europe, The United States of America and Canada, and Australia.

Amendents and corrections

In order to keep this page up to date, please advise any changes to our membership secretary, Fr John Joyce.