The Society of Catholic Priests (SCP) is a growing society of men and women serving as Priests throughout the Anglican Communion. The society is seeking to promote priestly spirituality and Catholic Evangelism. It has a membership of well over 1000 priests, divided into international Provinces and Diocesan Chapters. In line with Catholic principles we are in full communion with our Diocesan Bishops. The Society has chapters in the UK and Europe, North America and Australia.

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A Letter to all members of SCP (Europe province)

It is with great regret that we have to tell you that our Provincial Rector, Fr Kevin Maddy, has, for personal reasons, resigned from both the Provincial Council and our Society with immediate effect. Although Fr Kevin had only been Rector for a few months he has seen our Society through a very difficult time, including the arrangements for our successful International Conference and our meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are most grateful to him for all he has given us.
The Provincial Council has considered the situation in the aftermath of Fr Kevin’s departure and has agreed that, as the AGM is to take place in October 2018, it is sensible that we, as Vice Rectors, jointly assume the role of Acting Rector in the meantime.
The Council are very pleased to congratulate Mtr Rowan Williams on her appointment as Precentor of Peterborough Cathedral. However, she has indicated this means she will be unable to continue in her role on the Provincial Council as Vice Rector (Formation), looking after ordinands and the Dearmer Society, after the AGM. Earlier this year Mtr Penny King resigned from her role as Vocations Officer. In addition Fr Edward Dowding (Treasurer) and Fr John Joyce (Membership Secretary), at the end of their terms of office, are retiring; and Fr Michael Skinner (Provincial Secretary) also comes to the end of his term of office, although he is willing to stand for re-election.
All this leaves the Provincial Council in a very depleted state: of the nine members, it is likely that no more than four of us will remain (Fr Michael, the Secretary (if he is re-elected); Mtr Angela Gbebikan, the Communications Officer; Fr Ian Gomersall, the representative of the northern province, and Fr Mund Cargill Thompson, Vice Rector (Evangelism)). At our AGM (to be held in Hull on 16 October) we shall need to elect the following: Rector, Vice Rector (Formation), Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Vocations Officer.
The Provincial Council meets four times a year, at present in London, although members do have to carry forward duties associated with their responsibilities meantime
It is important for the future of our Society that the Provincial Council should be brought up to full strength at the AGM; we are facing a demanding year as we carry forward respond to the encouragement given to us by the Archbishop to apply for Strategic Development Funding and give our input to the working groups on human sexuality, to say nothing of planning the arrangements for our 25th Anniversary (although a subgroup chaired by Fr Michael Hart is carrying this forward). This is a time of unique opportunity for our society and it is vital we do not miss it.
We are therefore asking every member to consider as a matter of urgency whether they are able to offer their services to the Provincial Council. In accordance with the constitution, nominations need to reach the Provincial Secretary by 16 August, initially these can be by email (mikeskinner2@virginmedia.com) although original nomination forms signed by the candidate, proposer and seconder will be required in due course. Fr Michael will gladly give details of the duties of the posts coming up for election and answer any other queries.
We would also urge all members to attend the AGM if they possibly can. As well as this important business we shall have three chapters sharing with us stories of what it means for them to be SCP. Fr Michael will send round further details of the arrangements and nominations on 16 September.
Rowan Williams & Mund Cargill Thompson
Acting Rectors

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